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I remember you
and I remember what we shared
it makes me smile

it also makes me want to cry
but why?
why should I cry over someone like you?
over someone that never loved me
as half as much as I loved them?

You see, it’s heart breaking
and it tears me apart
but I deserve better
better than you

I know I do
because I’m a good person
but still
at the end of the day
there’s a voice in my head

it’s telling me;
it’s telling me that I miss you
and that I need you
because you were the light
in the dark tunnel I was in

and although I was never treated right
I still always wanted more
your selfishness was my favorite candy
candy that lured me in
candy that I could never get enough of

and now
I crave this candy
That I’ll never get to taste again.



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when youre trying to get somewhere but the person in front of you is walking extremely slow


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